Payroll Support for Business Owners

The Detail provides payroll support services to businesses throughout New Zealand.

Our proven systems make it super easy to pay your staff and file your PAYE accurately and on time.

A smarter payroll with all the features.

Our FlexiTime Payroll System

Our online FlexiTime system will eliminate payroll problems, reduce administration and improve the accuracy and speed of paying your staff. FlexiTime is designed for businesses with permanent, part-time, casual and contract staff. It offers:

  • An IRD-compliant payroll solution for staff and contractors.
  • The ability to import payment solutions for staff and contractors.
  • Quick and easy online IRD filing.
  • Automatic transfer of pay information into Xero or other online accounting software.
  • Payroll, financial and leave balance reports.
  • The option to add features like rostering, timesheets, photo time-clock and client billing.

We make using FlexiTime even easier.

Ongoing Payroll Support

Let our FlexiTime experts guide you through the set-up process and take over the day-to-day management of your payroll.

    Set-up support services
  • Setting up your business and staff up in the system.
  • Migrating your current payroll data to FlexiTime.
  • Customising your payslips.
  • Setting up integration with Xero and other online accounting software.
  • Supporting the changeover through internet and external communication.
  • Providing system training.
  • Guiding you through your first client billing and payroll.
    Ongoing payroll support
  • Processing your payroll each month.
  • Taking care of your monthly IR filing. Ensuring all payroll activity is integrated with Xero (or other accounting software).
  • Letting you know when to release each pay.

We make the process of paying contract workers easy.

Contractor Support

Our Contractor Support Service ensures your business processes and systems are standardised and your employment risk is mitigated. Your payroll is simplified to a single payment and you can be assured your contractors are tax compliant. We will:

  • Manage the on-boarding process for each contractor.
  • Set each contractor up to enter their time sheets online.
  • Send you a single, GST inclusive tax invoice for all of your contractors’ hours, with approved time sheets attached.
  • Require just one payment to cover all of your contractors (made to our trust bank account).
  • Process your contractors’ tax, ACC and Kiwisaver deductions.
  • Pay the balance into each contractor’s bank account.
  • Provide you with the reports and financial information you need.

Need to pay local staff from overseas? We can help.

International Pay Solutions

Need local staff to service your New Zealand customers? Want to avoid establishing a local company with tax obligations? No problem – we can run a local payroll solution for you. Our New Zealand-based team can:

  • Set your employees up in a NZ Inland Revenue Department (IRD) compliant online payroll system.
  • Calculate each employee’s tax and process their pay.
  • Advise you of the pay run total. Your business can either make payment directly into your staff members’ bank accounts or into our trust bank account (if you’re paying multiple staff, making a single bulk payment to us enables you to avoid multiple currency exchanges and bank fees.)
  • Through our currency service partner Hi-FX we secure you highly competitive exchange rates and the lowest bank fees.
  • If you engage contract workers we can provide them with a personalised Contractor Support service.

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