Don’t waste valuable hours doing administration.

Spend them earning income or doing what you enjoy.

At The Detail we take care of invoicing your clients, calculating and paying your GST, tax, ACC KiwiSaver and insurance.

It’s our job to make your job easier!

Contract Support Service

The Detail is a business that specialises in supporting you, the independent contractor, with your business administration. We have taken confusing, complicated, frustrating functions and processes and made them simple! We take care of the entire process of.

  • Signing of the contract with your client.
  • Completing timesheets.
  • Invoicing clients.
  • Calculating and paying tax, GST. ACC, KiwiSaver and insurance.
  • And getting paid, has been streamlined and modernized.

We provide contractors with a simple tax structure to use. You don’t need to register a company or register for GST (we’ve got that covered.)

How it works


All you do is complete your timesheet online. Using the GST tax invoice to the client on your behalf.


The client then makes a payment into The Detail’s trust bank account.


We will then deduct your legitimate business expenses, calculate and pay your tax, (including ACC) to the IRD, apportion your KiwiSaver and pay the balance into your bank account.

You are then tax compliant and what is paid into your bank account is yours to spend.

First time contractor? Or new to New Zealand tax laws?

We make sure you get your tax and compliance obligations right first time. Our in-depth guide breaks down all the requirements you need to follow. Check out our handy guide to New Zealand’s contractor tax rules here.

Timesheet and Invoice System

Tax, GST & ACC

As a contractor, it is important to ensure you are tax compliant. Our Contractor Support Service makes sure all angles are covered! We provide a simple tax structure for you and take care of all your business administration.

Timesheet and Invoice System

  • No more paper timesheets or invoices.
  • No errors or delays.
  • The Detail offers you a reliable online timesheet and invoicing system.
  • Quick and easy timesheet entry.
  • Quick and easy one-click manager approval of your timesheets.
  • We send a GST tax invoice to the client on your behalf via email from the same system.

Contract for Service

A Contract for Service is an essential starting point in any business relationship. It gives both you and your client clarity of obligations and expectations, while providing protection in the event of a dispute.

The Detail can provide you with a Contract for Service suitable for any individual operating as an independent contractor. It is designed to protect you and has standard terms and conditions which are acceptable to the majority of our current clients.

Are you covered?

Professional Insurance

Insurance. You only really need it when you really need it!

Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance is usually a prerequisite contractual requirement, driven by the client.

We have negotiated a great group rate for professional contractors. You pay as you earn through our Contractor Support Service.

Quick and easy simply complete a declaration online and we do the rest! The policy offers cover to specific limits. If you require a higher limit let us know. Policy documents are issued when your premium is paid.

Contact us to today get covered.

Need help getting your Work Visa?

Visa Sponsorship

Hands up if you want a work visa for New Zealand! Competition is tight, permanent roles are hard to secure. Many new arrivals take up contracting. If you are a specialist and secure a contract by work through The Detail’s Contractor Support Service, we could sponsor your visa.

Our immigration lawyer with a 100% success rate in our work visa applications, provides specialist advice and service.

We offer a tax structure for non-residents so you can get the most out of every dollar you earn. Through our Contractor Support Service you don’t have to set up your own company or deal with tax, GST or ACC.

We take care of it all for you, while you enjoy working in New Zealand.

International Pay Solutions

The advancement of technology has enabled contractors like you to secure international clients and still work from your home in New Zealand. We can invoice your international clients on your behalf, get you highly competitive exchange rates and the lowest bank fees through our currency services partner, HiFX.

We can take care of your local tax payments and administration through our Contractor Support Service.