Spend less time managing contractors, and more time growing your business.

Boost your recruit agency business with streamlined payroll process, happier contractors,
and clients who are easily able to reconcile invoices with time sheets.

Our Contractor Support Services

We make managing contractors simple.
The Detail takes care of all of the administration associated with contract workers.

Stay focused on your business goals and let us manage your payroll.

Payroll Support for Recruitment Agencies

The Detail can set your agency up on FlexiTime, our easy-to-use integrated online payroll system. Moving to FlexiTIme means we can manage all of the admin associated with payroll – your only task is to release the pay!

FlexiTime an integrated online payroll system that integrates seamlessly with Xero and other online accounting software.

Its features include time sheets with client approval, consolidated client billing and payroll.

The Detail can:

  • Migrate your current permanent and temporary staff, as well as, contract workers to FlexiTime (including each person’s pay history).
  • Support the changeover with easy-to-understand internal and external communication and training.
  • Process your payroll.
  • Take care of your monthly IR filing.
  • Let you know when it is time to release the pay.

Eliminate cash flow problems.

A payroll system with powerful time approval and client billing features.

Reduce administration delays by improved accuracy and speed of client billing.

  • Quick and easy time entry for temps and contractors
  • Quick and easy one click manager approval of timesheets
  • Quick and easy client invoicing from the same system with the approved timesheets attached
  • Quick and easy IRD compliant payroll for staff and contractors
  • Quick and easy to import payment files to online banking ready for your authorisation
  • Quick and easy online IRD filing
  • Automatic transfer of billing and pay information into Xero or other modern financial systems
  • Quick and easy to generate financial reports

The Detail has partnered with Wellington based FlexiTime an integrated online payroll system designed for New Zealand recruitment agencies.

We make using FlexiTime even easier.

The Detail provides FlexiTime Setup and support services.

  • We set up your agency, clients staff and contractors
  • We migrate your current payroll data
  • We customise your payslips and client invoices
  • We set up integration with Xero and other modern financial systems
  • We support and plan the change through internal and external communication
  • We provide system training
  • We are right there when you run your first client billing and payroll

Make it easy to start using Flexitime.

Need to pay local staff from overseas? We can help.

International Pay Solutions

The advancement of technology has really created the opportunity for your agency to secure both international clients and contractors.

If you’re expanding your agency business into New Zealand, but initially want to avoid the establishment of a local company with tax compliance, we are able to run a local payroll solution for your perms, temps or contractors. Using our Managed Payroll service we take care of local tax and payroll compliance. You make a single payment into our trust account and we pay your staff in local currency. If your agency is billing international clients secure highly competitive exchange rates and the lowest bank fees through our currency services partners HiFX.